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25th November 2020 
About Psychosynthesis Counselling #01

Psychosynthesis is a system of counselling that is very much concerned with human development, growth and wholeness. It is holistic in that it takes our past, present and future very seriously. So it does not just look at what has happened to us in our past, though this is often important, but it also looks at the person we are in the present and how we might like to be in the future. In this way it places an emphasis on human potential, with what we may be and become.

It is also holistic in the sense of seeing each individual as a whole human being with body, mind, feelings and a soul. The inner spiritual journey of each person as well as our external relationships and how we relate to the world around us are of equal importance.

Psychosynthesis also looks at the different parts that make up our complex personalities and how these different parts of ourselves can work together harmoniously to enable each of us to function more effectively in our lives and relationships.

Psychosynthesis makes use of many creative techniques such as writing, drawing and meditation to facilitate the counselling process. Sometimes it can be helpful to use these in a counselling session or between sessions, but this will only be done if appropriate and with the agreement of the client. What is often most important in Psychosynthesis, as with other types of counselling, is the relationship between client and counsellor, rather than the precise form of counselling used.