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25th November 2020 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the first step?
The first step is either to email me, which you can do through this website, or call me on 01392 670347/07714 786440

What happens when I make an appointment?
I will make a date and time to see you for an initial session. This session will give you the opportunity to tell me something about yourself, what has brought you to seek counselling and what you might hope to get out of counselling. It will also give you the chance to ask me any questions you may have about the counselling process. It is important that the relationship between any counsellor and client feels right, and therefore an assessment session helps both of us to see how we feel about working together. Because this is a 'finding out' session rather than a counselling session, I offer it at half price which is 20.

Do I have to come for a certain number of sessions?
If we agree to go ahead, I will normally suggest that you come for 6 sessions in the first instance. This is particularly helpful if you are new to counselling because you can get a sense of what the counselling process involves. Should you wish to continue, then we can either agree to meet for a certain number of weeks or for an open-ended period of time. There is no upper limit on the number of sessions you may have. People come to counselling for a few weeks, a few months, and some for longer.

How often will sessions take place?
I generally see people on a weekly basis, particularly in the early stages of counselling. As far as possible I will see you at the same time each week, but timing can be negotiable.

How long will sessions last?
Sessions will last for one hour.

How much does it cost?
My standard fee is presently 40 per session. As I live near Exeter university, and have experience of counselling students, I am offering a limited number of slots at a reduced rate for students. Please ask about availability.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?
I will need to charge you the full fee if the session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. However, there are sometimes occasions when cancelling at the last minute cannot be avoided, and in such circumstances I will try my best to re-arrange your session so you do not lose out.